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This Virginia artist's family tree includes the "Roots" of early Jazz

crva_heritage_open_00120.jpgActor, artist and performer Desiree Roots shares her family connection to the Black History Museums Virginia JAZZ: The Early Year's exhibit.

It should be no surprise that Desiree Roots' path in life led her to the stage and studio. As a young girl her father, Jimmy Roots, was one of the pioneers of Jazz, performing in clubs and on stages across the country. Her father would allow Desiree to join him at gigs as an incentive to do well in school. She formed a deep love for Jazz and performing at and early age that launched a successful career as an artist and entertainer. Desiree shared her thoughts on seeing her father and his work immortalized in the exhibit Virginia JAZZ: The Early Years going on now through June at Richmond's Black History Museum and Cultural Center. Discover the origins of Jazz in Virginia and our state's influence on Jazz worldwide at Virginia JAZZ: The Early Years. Reserve your tickets in advance online at