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Missouri cop was badly beaten before shooting Michael Brown, says source
Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer whose fatal shooting of Michael Brown touched off more than a week of demonstrations, suffered severe facial injuries including an orbital (eye socket) fracture and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun, a source close to the department's top brass told FoxNews.com.

Holder says he understands mistrust of police as Ferguson protests dwindle
Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday that he understands why many black Americans distrust the police as he made a one-day swing through the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Mo., where a black teenager was fatally shot by a white police officer almost two weeks earlier. 

Police in southern California search for mystery couple who posted selfie after burglary
Would burglars be dumb enough to post selfies on their victim's cloud account?

Kate Upton takes on Ice Bucket challenge with boyfriend Justin Verlander
Kate Upton takes on Ice Bucket challenge.

Suzanne Somers blames 'Three's Company' producers for ruining her TV career
Suzanne Somers says "Three's Company" producers are to blame for ruining her TV career.

Hamas says three top commanders killed by Israeli airstrike in Gaza
Hamas said that an Israel airstrike in Gaza killed three of its senior military leaders early Thursday. 

'Teen Barbie' Lolita Richi says appearance is all natural
Ukrainian teen Lolita Richi is the latest person on social media striving, for whatever reason, to look like a doll. 

Islamic State militants threatened journalist's death in email to family, CEO says
In the days before journalist James Foley was brutally beheaded by a member of the Islamic State militant group, an e-mail sent to Foley's family threatened his execution in "vitriolic" terms, the CEO of the international news service Foley had worked for said Wednesday. 

Elizabeth Vargas and husband split, report says
20/20 anchor Elizabeth Vargas and husband, singer-songwriter Marc Cohn, are reportedly going their separate ways after 12 years of marriage.

Lindsay Lohan's credit card declined during big night out, report says
Will Lindsay Lohan ever get good credit?

A beach in France has banned selfies
Have selfies gone too far?

Cindy Crawford pulls her kids out of school, cites concerns for their safety
“I don't feel 100 percent safe," she said.

Student punished for saying "bless you"
Kendra Turner said she was rebuked by her teacher at Dyer County High School and thrown out of class for violating the teacher’s ban on the words “bless you.”

US special forces tried to rescue hostages in Syria but failed, officials say
Senior Obama administration officials say the U.S. military launched a secret mission earlier this summer to rescue a number of Americans held captive by militants in Syria but failed to find them.

The truth about Ferguson
Talking Points 8/20

Exclusive: Dick Cheney on ISIS beheading of journalist
Former Vice President discusses ISIS threat to the U.S.

US military ramps up airstrikes in Iraq, weighs additional troops after execution video
U.S. fighter jets and drones stepped up attacks on Islamic State targets in Iraq and the Obama administration was weighing sending more boots on the ground -- even as the group released a graphic video showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley.

Bodies of three climbers recovered from Mount Rainier
The location of the three bodies was revealed by the melting snow, but getting to them was another matter. They were high on a glacier at one of the most treacherous spots on Mount Rainier, an area pummeled by falling ice and rocks.

The lovely and talented Kate Upton
The curvy model is everywhere these days.

Fast and Furious documents must be provided to Congress, judge rules
A federal judge has ordered the Justice Department to provide Congress with a list of documents that are at the center of a long-running battle over a failed law enforcement program called Operation Fast and Furious.

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