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16-year-old California runaway survives flight to Hawaii in plane's wheel well
A 16-year-old boy stowed away in the wheel well of a flight from California to Hawaii on Sunday, surviving the trip halfway across the Pacific Ocean unharmed despite frigid temperatures at 38,000 feet and a lack of oxygen, FBI and airline officials said.

Country music singer Kevin Sharp dies at 43
Kevin Sharp, a country music singer who recorded multiple chart-topping songs and survived a well-publicized battle with cancer, has died. He was 43.

Lindsay Lohan: I had a miscarriage
Lindsay Lohan says she suffered a miscarriage during the taping of her reality TV series.

Animal welfare activists picket Liam Neeson's home
Animal welfare activists picketing Liam Neeson's home on Saturday said they don't agree with him that the city's carriage horses should keep working.

S. Korea president condemns 'murderous' actions of ferry crew as four more held
South Korea's president described the actions of a sunken ferry's crew as "unforgivable" and "murderous" Monday as a prosecutor said that four more crew members had been detained on charges that they had allegedly failed to protect the stricken vessel's passengers. 

'Game of Thrones' recap: Who killed the king?
There’s a lot of talk about the need for protection in this episode, mostly from men who are sure they know what’s best for the women in their lives. Yet, rarely does the end result leave the female characters in a better place than they were before.

Brand names that appear in NY standardized tests vex parents
"Just Do It" has been a familiar Nike slogan for years, but some parents are wondering what it was doing on some of New York's Common Core standardized English tests.

Happiest couples sleep incredibly close together, study finds
It may be better for your health to sleep in a separate bed than your partner—but a new study finds that the happiest couples are those who sleep close together.

World War II dog tags found in Saipan may solve 70-year-old mystery
Old and battered dog tags found in a cave in the South Pacific may crack a 70-year-old mystery

Ukraine claims Russian military, intelligence behind eastern unrest
Ukraine's interim government says it has proof that Russian military and intelligence forces are fomenting the unrest that has destabilized the eastern part of that country since Russia's annexation of Crimea last month. 

Chelsea’s baby: Why the political pundits are thrilled for Hillary

Chelsea Clinton is having a baby—a nice, non-controversial story, right?—but the media are treating this development with a studied seriousness that borders on parody.

Boy Scout dies during outing in Washington forest
An outing for a Boy Scout troop turned tragic Saturday morning when a 12-year-old boy died while playing in the Olympic National Forest in Washington state.

Search for missing Malaysia jet two-thirds complete as airline reports another scare
As the search continued off the coast of Australia for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet on Monday, the airline announced another plane bound for India was forced to make an emergency landing after one of its tires burst on takeoff.

Miss America asks school to rethink suspension over prom query
Miss America is asking a Pennsylvania school district to reconsider the punishment of a high school senior who asked her to prom during the question-and-answer portion of an assembly.

Bob Saget recalls drunken night in Vegas with John Stamos
Bob Saget slept with John Stamos in Vegas! In his hilarious memoir, “Dirty Daddy,” Saget recalls a trip to Sin City with his “Full House” co-star to go see, what else? An Elvis impersonator. 

British pilot and his LEGO mini-me become viral sensation
Ladies and gentleman, your captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign because he’s actually a tiny plastic toy.

Five classic Ford Mustangs you can still afford
Won't break the bank.

How to treat and prevent jock itch
Jock itch can be an irritating—and embarrassing—problem for men. Learn how to treat it

Woman reunited with dog, TV snatched on first date
A woman has been reunited with her Yorkshire Terrier and flat-screen TV that were snatched during her first date with a man she met online.

Kraft recalls 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer wieners
Kraft Foods is recalling 96,000 pounds of its Oscar Mayer wieners because they may mistakenly contain cheese.

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