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US appeals court deems gun law unconstitutional
A federal appeals court in Cincinnati deemed a law unconstitutional that kept a Michigan man who was committed to a mental institution from owning a gun.

Dog faces death after owner's will states that he be euthanized, buried with her
A healthy German shepherd in Indiana may be euthanized after his owner requested that his ashes be buried with her upon her death, Fox 19 reported.

Intel report: North Korea planned attacks on US nuclear plants
North Korea dispatched covert commando teams to the United States in the 1990s to attack nuclear power plants and major cities in a conflict, according to a declassified Defense Intelligence Agency report.

Newton-John says John Travolta a no-show in Vegas
The singer dishes on her hit show and Christmas traditions

Before they were famous
What were they doing before they started making millions?

Emily Ratajkowski: It's fun to finally have male nudity in film
"Blurred Lines" beauty is pro having male nudity in film.

Stars we lost in 2014
We remember some of the great actors, singers and celebs that left us in 2014. 

Sarah Silverman comedy pilot ordered by HBO
HBO has given a pilot order to an untitled comedy toplined by Sarah Silverman.

Jason Aldean and fiancée Brittany Kerr plan on making new Christmas traditions together
Jason Aldean is looking forward to making new Christmas traditions with his fiancée Brittany Kerr this year.

Surprisingly unhealthy drinks
Don’t let sugary, caloric drinks wreck your diet.

Woman arrested in Southern California crash that killed 3
Authorities are investigating what led up to a motorist driving through a red light and into nearly a dozen people as they left a church Christmas event in Southern California — leaving three women dead and several other people injured, including children.

Ancient farmhouse found in Israel reveals agricultural secrets
An ancient farmhouse dating back to 2,800 years ago complete with 23 rooms, winepresses and a grain silo is no longer lost to the ages.

Flier gets her lost luggage back-- 2 decades later
There's the headache of an airline temporarily losing your luggage, and then there's Maria Dellos' story.

Police seek gunman after Central Texas TV meteorologist shot
Authorities were searching for a gunman after a TV meteorologist was shot multiple times during an altercation Wednesday in a Central Texas TV station's parking lot.

FCC says Redskins name not offensive
The Federal Communications Commission dismissed a petition Thursday to deny renewal of WWXX-FM's broadcast license because it's the flagship radio station of  the NFL's Washington Redskins, whose name has come under fire by some who see it as a derogatory term for Native Americans.

Hotels where wild animals roam free
Share your breakfast with a giraffe, or lounge poolside with an elephant.

$10 billion UN-linked climate change fund wants immunity from prosecution
The Green Climate Fund, (GCF) a United Nations-affiliated piggy-bank  intended to finance climate change projects around the world, is determined to win sweeping U.N.-style immunities from prosecutions for its global operations--even though  the U.S., its biggest contributor, opposes the idea, and the U.N. itself says its own diplomatic immunities can’t cover the outfit.

Priest installs cell phone jammer in church for silent sermons
For anyone gearing up to deliver a speech to an audience, there’s always a chance they’re going to be rudely interrupted by someone’s mobile device going off.

Judge allows young immigrants in Arizona to get driver's licenses
A judge cleared the way Thursday for thousands of young immigrants in Arizona who are protected from deportation under an Obama administration policy to get driver's licenses.

Evidence in Sony hack attack suggests possible involvement by Iran, China or Russia, intel source says
The U.S. investigation into the recent hacking attack at Sony Pictures Entertainment has turned up evidence that does not point to North Korea as the "sole entity" in the case, but rather, raises the possibility that Iran, China or Russia may have been involved, an intelligence source told Fox News on Thursday.

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