Study shows implants provide good outcomes in breast reduction surgery

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Study shows implants provide good outcomes in breast reduction surgery (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The warmer weather is driving up demand for a common surgery.

But before you choose it, you may want to hear about some new research.

That surgery? Breast reduction.

A study published in “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” says that if you are considering it, for any number of reasons, you may want to ask your surgeon about reducing the size, while adding implants.

Here's why:

“Let’s say you’ve nursed a few kids, or its just aging. If you've got a sagging breast, sometimes an implant can help lift it,” said Dr. Jon Mendelsohn. “Same thing with a breast reduction, when you've got a lot of tissue, you are removing a lot and you might need a breast implant to lift the breast, it's more than just a reduction.”

Dr. Jon Mendelsohn is part of a team that performs breast implant surgery. He says this idea has been around for a while.

This new research just confirms that "reductive augmentation" may be one of the better options for women who want a higher, rounder breast after reduction surgery.

“If you’ve got large heavy breasts, you can remove tissue, but many people undergoing those would still want breast sitting upright and that's where the implants may come in,” said Dr. Mendelsohn.

Even though it may seem counter intuitive to use breast implants in breast reduction surgery, the study showed using the implants with the proper technique resulted in better shape, fewer scars, and more predictable results.