'Hats off!': Police congratulate high schoolers on 'one of the best' senior pranks

cumberland pd facebook.jpg
Cumberland, Wis. police posted this image of a prank orchestrated by local high school seniors that made it appear that a car had crashed into their school. (Cumberland Police Department/Facebook)

You know you've pulled off a great senior prank when the local police department congratulates you.

Seniors at Cumberland High School in Wisconsin orchestrated what the local police called one of the best pranks they'd seen at the school.

The elaborate scene was created with a black tarp, half a car and some bricks. When it was all put together, it looked as though a car had smashed through the front of the school building. Of course, upon further inspection, police realized it was all staged.

Police took pictures of the scene, then posted them on Facebook saying "Hats off" to the students on their creativity. The post has since been shared more than 2,000 times, even Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy shared the post calling the prank "amazing."