States lay out contrasting rules on the best way forward

Dody's Hair Creation owner and operator Dody Morrison wears personal protective equipment during a haircut service for Evelyn Wilson, Friday, April 24, 2020, at her salon in Ketchikan, Alaska. (Dustin Safranek/Ketchikan Daily News via AP)

WASHINGTON (SBG) – In Georgia this weekend, the green light has been given for grooming, with salons and barber shops among a host of businesses allowed to re-open.

However, if you cross the state line to South Carolina, you won't be able to get your hair cut, but you can now go to the beach.

Further south, many Florida beaches have also re-opened, many of them on limited schedules. These are just a few examples of the state of the pandemic in our country today with contrasting orders state-by-state.

In Illinois, stay at home orders were just extended to May 30.

"We need to keep going a little while longer to finish the job," said Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D-Illinois).

According to White House guidelines, re-opening a state should be considered only after there has been a downward trajectory in documented cases for 14 days, robust testing in place for healthcare workers and for hospitals to be able to treat patients without crisis care.

On these guidelines, there have been some mixed messages from President Trump, who first claimed he had total authority over when states could re-open and later deferred to governors, while also encouraging protests demanding states re-open.

On Georgia Governor Brian Kemp's decision to re-open the state without adhering to those guidelines, Trump said this:

“I'm saying let the governors do it. But I wasn't happy with Brian Kemp. Spas, beauty parlors, tattoo parlors, no," Trump said.

On Twitter Saturday, President Trump lashed out at Democrats, and denied calling the coronavirus a hoax.

In another Tweet, he also touted U.S. testing capabilities.

He also praised all the new ventilators that have been produced.

As customers and business owners weigh the best decision moving forward, there seems to be an uneven approach state by state.