Virginia Sexual Abuse & Domestic Violence Action Alliance

The lives of 1 in 4 individuals in Virginia are touched by sexual or domestic violence before they reach the age of 18. Whether a young person witnesses violence, is the victim of violence, or is a perpetrator of violencethe trauma associated with sexual and domestic violence can have a lifelong impact.

Proceeds from the new "Peace Begins at Home" special license plate supports Virginia's Building Healthy Futures Fund. The Building Healthy Futures Fund helps educate Virginia's children about how to have healthy relationships. Teaching kids how to have happy, healthy relationships prevents violence.

The Building Healthy Futures Fund is a statewide partnership between the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance (Virginia's leading voice on sexual and domestic violence for over 30 years) and community-based sexual and domestic violence agencies across the Commonwealth.

By purchasing the "Peace Begins at Home" license plate, you can support healthy relationship education for children.

Make your car a vehicle for change. Visit to order your plate and help prevent sexual and domestic violence in Virginia.