Fire Prevention Tips

Fire Prevention Tips

Each year, fires cause numerous deaths and millions of dollars in loss of property. Communities must have a good fire prevention program as well as a well-trained and well-equipped fire departments. About half of all fires are caused by carelessness or lack of common sense. One out of ten is caused by cigarettes, matches, or other smoking materials.

Public education has brought great improvement in fire prevention in the United States. Many people have learned to take precautions against fire. Boys and girls in schools practice fire drills and learn how to prevent fires. They bring that information home to their parents. Each year, the President of the United States sets aside a week in October as Fire Prevention Week.

Each person is urged to examine his own home, both inside and out, and to make it safe from fire.

This is why FOX Richmond has teamed up with the local fire departments in the Richmond area including The City of Richmond, Henrico County, Chesterfield County and Hanover County to help provide fire prevention tips, to help reduce the number of fires in the Richmond DMA.

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