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You Just Got Ticketed!

We partnered with our friends at Richmond Raceway to show appreciation to those who selflessly serve our communities. Weet Baldwin, Joey Kierson and Michael Rogers have all received DC Solar FanGrounds passes and tickets to the TOYOTA OWNERS 400 at the Richmond Raceway on Saturday, April 13th.

Weet Baldwin is Hanover County's 2019 Volunteer Firefighter of the Year. Since joining the department, Weet has made constant steps toward improvement. He has organized a training weekend to improve he and his fellow firefighters' skills. Weet stepped up and filled the position of Station Treasurer when his station needed one and has worked with local businesses to fund-raise for upgrades to his station's building. Weet is truly a positive force.

Officer Joey Kierson is an outstanding member of the Chesterfield County Police Department. Officer Kierson has worked tirelessly to engage with and form lasting relationships with his community. He has served as a CAP Officer in Ettrick, VA where he organized movie nights, cookouts and even tacky light tours with school children. He created and worked with VSU to implement the Chesterfield Police Experience Program, which gives the public a better understanding of what duties the police face on a daily basis. Officer Kierson has been and continues to be a great force for good.

Sergeant Michael Rogers is an exceptional member of the Richmond Police Department. Currently assigned to homicide, Sgt. Rogers joined the RPD in 2000 and became a sergeant in 2007. That same year his brother, Officer Brian Rogers, also joined the RPD where he is currently assigned to the 2nd Precinct. Both followed in their father's footsteps, a retired police captain from western New York. They also learned from their father, a love of racing that they have turned into an amateur racing hobby racing their own cars at Southside Speedway.